Cantilever racking systems are easier to use than standard stand-alone pallet racks, because they have no front column in the way. That means they’re faster to load and unload (which in turn helps lower your handling time and cost).

These racking systems are ideal for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and other long heavy objects that must be kept off the floor, providing instant accessibility to one piece or a full load. They’re also modular, so you can add additional arms, uprights and bases may be added as storage requirements change.

There are four components to a Cantilever Racking System.

  • Bases: The bases of the cantilever racking system is to anchor the rack system to the floor and to provide support for the uprights.
  • Columns (upright towers): These are the frame columns which mount in the base of the cantilever providing support for the arms that connect to the columns. The columns can range in height and capacity depending on the application you need.
  • Arms : The Cantilever arms are what support the material(s) There are many types of materials that a cantilever rack can accommodate, it all depends on the application you need.
  • Bracing: Offer stability to the cantilever racking system. The widths and lengths of the bracing’s are determined by the size of the material(s) being stored.

If you’re looking for something customizable based on various material sizing, with easy loading and unloading, then Cantilever Racking Systems are your best bet. Browse our inventory now to see what we have in stock.

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