A Carton Flow Rack is a form of shelving system that uses gravity fed units. Each unit consists of one or more inclined runways, with merchandise being loaded in the rear of each. As the items are removed from the front, the items behind slide forward in place of the previous.

These rack systems separate picking or stocking aisles for full cartons and split cases to save up to 80 percent of labor cost compared to a static storage system. They also provide in-stock visibility so pick aisles can be kept full and restocking can occur simultaneously.

A Carton Flow System is considered a FIFO (First In – First out) system because it can accommodate everything from odd shaped cases, cartons, bins, or merchandise. In this system, you can store the same amount in half the space required by static shelving or racks or tote access. A Carton flow rack is designed for high volume order picking with reduced operator activity.

Carton Flow Rack Systems are typically used in Food and Beverage, printing, medical, frozen foods, automotive and distribution centers, because they take up less floor space, lower labor costs, less product damage and allow for better inventory control.

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