The Drive In Pallet Rack allows lift trucks to enter the rack from either side, to pick up or pull out stored pallets. Loads are supported by rails attached to the upright frames and lift trucks are driven between uprights to reach pallets. This is possible because pallets can slide forward or backwards on a continuous rail.

These racks can be configured for First In – First Out (FIFO) or Last In – First Out (LIFO) solutions. Drive In Pallet Racks offer the ability to store large amounts of similar loads in a smaller area. Selectivity is compromised but the storage density is enhanced since many pallets are stored.

A Drive in Pallet Rack is a cost effective solution if you are looking for high density storage needs, allowing for fewer aisles and increasing your storage density up to 80%. They’re typically exposed to more abuse by forklifts because of the way they are utilized (although we can help provide you with alternative protective rails that can be purchased at the time of your purchase).

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