A Pallet Flow Racking System  is considered a First In/First Out inventory management system. These increase density and product accessibility, while also reducing labor and equipment cost through eliminating excess aisles (allowing you to do more accurate inventory audits, faster).

These rack systems are fed from one side, and retrieved from the other (by using a combination of rails and wheels). The rails are built on a slight incline, higher on the side that is fed, so that the pallets can move forward when they are loaded into the system. Many food and beverage companies prefer the Pallet Flow Rack System to handle increased product flow in a FIFO rotation (due to the shelf life of products), resulting in reduced spoilage and product damage expenses.

The Pallet Flow Rack System , consists of two elements; a static rack structure such as a structural system, and dynamic flow rails. Flow rails allow loads to move by gravity from the loading end to the unloading end.

Each flow lane includes self-energized speed controllers to gently control the speed of the movement within the flow lanes. As a load is removed, the loads behind it move forward to the unloading position. The flow system depth, height, and width are limited by only the size of the facility and the capabilities of your material handling equipment. These racking systems are most appropriate when storage density and inventory rotation is a priority.

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