Steel Boltless shelving provide easy access to your stored items from all sides. They’re made from strong rolled formed steel framing with positive interlocking beams and post connections. A Steel Boltless shelf is put together without nuts and bolts or clips, easily assembled to withstand a variety of weights.

This shelving consists of upright and horizontal beams and wood decking (in some cases it can be steel or wire mesh) platforms. They’re economical, requiring a low intitial investment which reduces the cost of labor during installation (in addition to eliminating costly decking material cutting charges).

There are three most common types of Steel Boltless Shelving Configurations:

  1. Bulk Shelving Unit: The most commonly used shelve on the market, because of it’s low cost, space maximization, low profile beams and accessibility from all four sides. This specific design can be up to 48 inches wide.
  2. Shelf Units: Can also be used as a quick low-cost steel wood shelving unit. It offers double entry, uses full perimeter, and can be accessed from all four sides.
  3. Specialty Unit: Some of the obvious uses of a specialty unit are used for archival of records, clothes, tires, work benches or shipping and receiving tables. Additionally retails stores can use a specialty unit for hard-to-store items, that can be picked anytime without cluttering your warehouse.

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